Raising Funds for Fourbirdsaboating’s Work

For every £500 raised for Fourbirdsaboating’s own charity, the team will be able to provide one children’s project, any where in the world, with an education pack which will help them to access the online classroom and sessions ‘live from the boat’. These are projects where the young people have little or no access to any form of education, and therefore are unable to consider alternatives to their current employment or lifestyle, or cannot get jobs because they lack necessary experience, English language, or qualifications. To find out more about the projects we are currently supporting, click here.

Each education pack contains:

Children’s projects may have between 4 and 400 young people accessing the educational pack, depending on their location in the world, and the project they are attached to. Age range is between 5-25 years old.

If you would like to contribute to the funds we are raising for Fourbirdsaboating, please donate here. Alternatively, why not raise funds for the charity whenever you shop online, via Easyfundraising.

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