Fourbirdsaboating are four ordinary ladies, preparing to row over 7200 nautical miles across the Pacific Ocean from Monterey Bay, California to Honolulu, Hawaii, and on to Cairns, Australia in 2014.

Stage One: World First Great Pacific Race: Monterey Bay, California – Honolulu, Hawaii

New Ocean Wave

New Ocean Wave

The first part of the journey is the world first New Ocean Wave Great Pacific Race with 20 international crews from Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, France, Slovakia, Canada, Ireland, and the USA. The race begins just in front of Monterey Bay Aquarium, arriving in Honolulu between 30 and 55 days later. The winning solo, pairs, and fours crews have trophies named after them for future races, and will set Guinness World records in the process. For the Fourbirdsaboating fours crew, the trophy will be named by the headline sponsor should the team be the first across the finish line.

Stage Two: Honolulu, Hawaii – Cairns, Australia 

In Honolulu, Fourbirdsaboating will spend some time visiting schools across the islands of Hawaii, before setting off on the second leg of the journey to Cairns, Australia, again setting Guinness World records for the journey. In Cairns, the team will visit local schools and talk to them about the ocean row, making 3D films of the children they meet and places they visit, before flying back to the UK, stopping off to visit some of the 2000 orphans across Thailand who are supported by the team’s charity Thai Children’s Trust.

Why Row Across an Ocean?

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