Fourbirdsaboating uses two different online platforms to reach two different kinds of learner:


The WizIQ classroom is a two way platform, controlled by the teacher, whereby students can only connect with each other when the teacher allows them to work in break away groups. Fourbirdsaboating mainly uses this platform to hold live sessions with students who are independent learners, often adults. Because of the range of students using this platform, Fourbirdsaboating will continue to use it to teach live from the ocean, the sessions will be embedded within the Frog Platform, but the learners will not have access to the closed space provided by the Frog Platform.  One of the great advantages of this platform, is that each live session is automatically recorded, meaning that students can watch the lesson as many times as they like, no matter what time zone they live in.

Since launching a pilot version of the project in Autumn 2012, Fourbirdsaboating has attracted over 200 students from 56 countries including:

* Georgia * UK *USA *Russia *Algeria *Sri Lanka *India *Bulgaria *China *Morocco *Latvia *Pakistan *Egypt *Mongolia *United Arab Emirates *Ireland *Australia *Ecuador *Hungary *Albania *Saudi Arabia *Greece *Canada *Brazil *Oman *Turkey *France *Portugal *Iran *Yemen *Somalia *Kazakhstan *Spain *Peru *Jordan *Indonesia *Israel *Mexico *Qatar *Switzerland *Argentina *Dominican Republic *Ukraine *Colombia *Honduras *Nigeria *Philippines *Germany *Vanuatu *Kenya *Rabat *Vietnam *Tatarstan *Malaysia *Hong Kong *Namibia *Korea *Lithuania *Zambia *Thailand *Venezuela *Italy *Sweden *South Africa

Skype session with Patron Dr Alex Kumar, live from Antarctica

Skype session with Patron Dr Alex Kumar, live from Antarctica

Frog Platform

The Frog platform is specifically for our young learners, each of whom has been nominated to receive closed access to the class.  This platform will allow a lot more interaction between the adults and students, as well as between peers. This platform has been designed with our vulnerable young people in mind, with thoughts of child protection and criminal record checks of adults using the platform.  This space will be actively moderated by UK based teachers, STEM Ambassadors, and our UK students from local schools. We expect to have around 1000 accounts for the first year of the project, allowing us to reach approximately 7000 individual students from schools, children’s projects and orphanages around the world.

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