Boat Design

What Will ‘Mr Toad’ Look Like?

Mr Toad is being purpose built for Fourbirdsaboating by Rossiters Rowing Boats. Mr Toad is 23 foot long and 6 foot wide, and is built from a mixture of epoxy, carbon, and aramid. There are two cabins, one on each end.  The largest of the cabins is about the size of a cupboard and is where the four ladies will sleep and rest from the wind and spray during the bad weather. They will also be cooking in here and looking at their navigation equipment. The smaller cabin is at the other end of the boat and is used for storing things, like dried food rations, a life raft, emergency equipment, and spare kit. (View and sponsor the team’s kit here)

In between the two cabins, are two rowing positions, one in front of the other. This is where two girls will sit and row for 2 hours at a time, whilst the other two girls are resting.

On top of both cabins are solar panels which will generate the power needed to run the navigation equipment, communications, and laptop. The team will have a desalinator which turns the sea water into drinking water.

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The Inversion Test

Before the team set out, they, and their boat must undergo what is known as an ‘inversion test’. This involves a crane turning the boat upside down, to make sure that it has enough buoyancy to ‘right’ itself should it get knocked over by a wave.  It is the ‘ballast’ (water in containers) which enable the boat to right itself. The team must keep the hatches of the cabins closed at all times otherwise the boat would not be able to right itself.

Who Designed Mr Toad?

Mr Toad was designed by world famous British Yachtsman and Maritime Architect Phil Morrisson.

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