Whilst in the former Soviet Republic of Georgia, Founding Director Sarah Weldon was able to teach British curriculum geography from Key Stage 2 up to A’Level to students with English as a foreign language, based on the Edexcel syllabus. Having always had a passion for geography and a love for travel and adventure, Sarah was an active member of the Royal Geographical Society up until she moved to Georgia in 2010. In fact, it was through the Royal Geographical Society that Sarah first met three of the Fourbirdsaboating Patrons who provided the inspiration behind the charity and project.

During each of the rows, the Fourbirdsaboating team aim to be Ambassadors of Geography, learning more about the world as they visit it, and using 3D film and photography to bring the outside world in to students through the online platform. The team will visit as many of the places mentioned in schools textbooks as they can, with students guiding them on places they would most like to explore. For example, during the 2014 Pacific Ocean row, the team will visit and create 3D film footage on Mauna Lao, the largest volcano (until recently), which is based in Hawaii.

For each expedition, online students as well as the general public will be able to track the team’s boat ‘Mr Toad’ thanks to a special tracking device fitted to the boat. The Foldedsheets will allow students to link the tracker information to their own paper based maps, and to attach postcards sent to them by the team from their adventures.

Some of the STEM Challenges will make direct references to geography, and UK based teachers and STEM Ambassadors will be uploading educational materials and film footage linked to geography and the STEM Challenges.

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