Why ‘Mr Toad’ for the Boat’s Name?

In December 2012, Fourbirdsaboating ran a competition for ‘Oceans Ambassadors’ to come up with a name for the boat which would go on to bring the oceans alive for young people worldwide, not just the 2014 Pacific Ocean row, but for many years to come. The winning name was ‘Mr Toad‘ and was chosen because of it’s connection to the famous children’s story ‘The Wind in the Willows‘, the perfect name for a project which provides literacy to children worldwide! The team felt that this name also reflected several other aspects of the project as well as being a popular and fun choice:

1. The Wind in the Willows is set on the River Thames, England’s largest river at 215 miles long, and runs through Britain’s Capital ‘London‘.

2. Mr Toad is famous for his love of ‘messing about on boats and the river‘.

3. In Georgia we wanted to encourage young people to connect with the river and how waste thrown into the river doesn’t just ‘wash away’.

4. Rivers connect to the oceans and provide us with food and water, as well as transport links to the rest of the world, via the sea.

5. Henley-On-Thames has a River and Rowing Museum where ‘The Wind in the Willows’ features.

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