Fourbirdsaboating Aims

For each ocean row undertaken by Fourbirdsaboating the aims are as follows:

1. To provide FREE, online, environmental, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths), and geography education, to young people aged 5-25 years, worldwide.

2. To use education and English as a foreign language (EFL) to lift young people and their families worldwide, out of poverty and disadvantage.

3. To bring the oceans alive using pioneering live from boat’ technology which will enable Fourbirdsaboating to be the ‘eyes and ears’ of the young people they serve.

4. To create passionate and educated ‘Oceans Ambassadors’, encouraging them to make changes to environmental behaviour in their local communities, which cumulatively will have a global impact on the planet.

5. To empower young people through cultural exchange and communication with peers worldwide, creating their own solutions to the issues affecting them most.

6. To raise confidence and self belief of young people by providing a space for them to interact with the best scientists, sports people, and world leaders, demonstrating the ideal that hard work will eventually pay off, and that success doesn’t come easily.

7. To use British Sign Language (BSL) as a tool for young people with hearing impairment to communicate with peers in other countries. To reduce the stigma, taboo, and isolation of disability by offering ALL online students the chance to learn BSL and to interact with BSL focused educational materials.

8. To promote the value and role of women in society through online interaction, interviews, video footage with both males and females from around the globe, and in particular the four very ordinary female rowers.

9. To engage students worldwide in citizen science, and to encourage professions in STEM focused roles.

10. To use the 2014 Pacific Ocean row, and all future Fourbirdsaboating ocean rows to raise the profile, and funds for the two supported children’s charities: ‘Thai Children’s Trust’ and ‘Fourbirdsaboating’.

Sunset over the ocean. One of the best things about being surrounded by sky and ocean on every side.

Sunset over the ocean. One of the best things about being surrounded by sky and ocean on every side.

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